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In C. Leigh Purtill's "All About Vee," bold and bright 18-year-old Veronica May also says yes -- to life, love and adventure. ~ Leanne Italie
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All About Vee is a must-read book for all young teenage girls, in my opinion, for the simple fact that Purtill illustrates how women who aren’t a size 0 are treated not only in LA and not only because they are striving to become actresses, but all across this country. She gives the weight epidemic that plagues so many young girls a story and luckily, Veronica does not change a thing about her weight throughout the book, which I was impressed with. ~ Holly O (WomanTribune.com)
ALL ABOUT VEE is the quintessential feel-good read, with a great message and the perfect blend of romance and fun! Its greatest strength, of course, lies in its protagonist. Veronica keeps it real; her reactions, emotions, and actions are the genuine ones of that girl behind the counter who you just know will make a great friend. ~ Steph Su Reads
The depth behind the family struggles was also surprising. It was dealt with caution and denial, as would most real familial problems. In the end, things worked out, and I was glad; the book gave just enough of an ending to be satisfied without feeling rushed or overdone. I also appreciated how the author dealt with Veronica's weight issues; society is too over-obsessive about looks and appearance, and All About Vee showed that there's more to Hollywood (and life!) than how you look. ~ Chelsea Swiggett (coffeeandcliffhangers.com)
ALL ABOUT VEE was, to use a single word, unexpected. I didn't realize there'd be so much depth in the novel, despite it's length. I figured it'd be something between GOSSIP GIRL and SECRETS OF MY HOLLYWOOD LIFE, but it was something so much better than that. ~ Jennifer Wardrip (teensreadtoo.com)
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