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"Jennifer Aniston is My Best Friend"

LOVE, MEG Reviews

Maureen Johnson
"If you've ever had a celebrity crush, you'll love Meg and her story will keep you guessing."
- Maureen Johnson, author of Suite Scarlett and 13 Little Blue Envelopes

Teen Tuesdays
Love, Meg was a fast, exciting and exceptional read...Purtill’s novels fall under the category of young adult and most definitely excite and thrill the pants off of her target market, while also succeeding in giving adult women a fast paced and gratifying read.

Angela D’Urbano
Library Science Program
Kutztown University of PA
Similar in story to Voight’s Homecoming and similar in narration to Walker’s The Color Purple, the story is about a girl and her quest to find herself... The story was suspenseful insofar as you wanted to keep reading to find out what Meg was going to do. The book has a current pop culture feel to it that will appeal to students. Recommended!

Chris Shanley-Dillman
LOVE, MEG is C. Leigh Purtill’s debut novel, and she is proving how talented a writer she is.

Rachael Stein (age 15)
Reader Views Kids
“Love, Meg” by C. Leigh Purtill was a very satisfying read because of its realistic characters and story and its meaningful message. This novel will be popular among all teen readers, especially fans of Sarah Dessen and Deb Caletti.

Cindy Faughnan
(VOYA, December 2007 (Vol. 30, No. 5)
Purtill's writing is a pleasure to read. She creates a world for Meg that teen girls will recognize.

Jenn C.
This is one of the best books I’ve read this year.

Sharon Dalton (a.k.a. Library Goddess)
Readers will like Meg. She is a great character and really likable. Highly recommended.

It isn’t often that your favorite celebrity becomes a literary character. However, this recent novel by C. Leigh Purtill features Jen in a very unique way, and it is an easy, yet heartfelt, read for all ages. 

Karlene Rearick, The Alphabet Garden
Core audience: Girls age 12 and up 
Notable aspects: Believable characters that stay true to their personalities, good discussion book for moms and daughters. Rating 8 of 10

"If I could give LOVE, MEG a higher 
rating I would! This book totally 
captivated me and made me look forward to continuing my reading. "LOVE, MEG" is a book I will lend and recommend to other readers proudly. I cannot explain how amazing I thought this book was."

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"Now I absolutely loved this book. It was funny, real, and the character are like people you could meet on Main Street. The plot was well done as well, which is a must for a good review from me.

For the whole review and others go to:

Oneota Reading Journal
Through the careful development of the characters, readers identify with the conflicts that Meg faces as she struggles to find out who she really is. The theme of self-discovery is a message that readers can apply to their everyday lives.



For most of 15 year old Meg Shanley’s life, she has been able to count on two things: her older sister Lucie will uproot the two of them to a new town and school at least once a year, and her letters to Jennifer Aniston, the famous movie star, will be returned with loads of great advice and real caring.  But something’s different about the Shanley girls’ recent move to Hollywood.  Lucie’s been spending more and more time with her boyfriend, Jen’s letters have stopped coming, and with no new friends at Hollywood High, Meg feels more alone than ever.

Just as Meg begins to settle into her new school routine (scoping out possible New Friend candidates, figuring out the shortest distance between home and school and Starbucks), a man arrives on her doorstep with bombshell news that turns her world upside down.  He calls himself Lonnie Shanley – a brother! – and tells Meg about a family she never knew she had, living on the other side of the country in Queens, New York.

Ignoring Lucie’s objections, Meg flies to Queens on her own with fantasies of a happy family reunion dancing in her head. Convinced she can have the dream life she always wanted, Meg throws herself into another new town, another new school, another new home.  This time will be the right one, the lasting one, she thinks, and she’ll never have to move again.

Soon, however, Meg will discover that happiness, like family, can’t be forced.  And love may be just a letter away.
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